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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Citizen Science @ Home

"Humans are born with the curiosity of scientists but switch to investment banking."

"That savage beauty, of experiencing the universe in the wild for yourself unmediated by a screen. That raw experience of looking up and knowing that the sky we're looking at surrounds every known thing in the universe. A night sky is a natural resource. It is a park we can visit anytime we look up. If we don't protect it, and treasure it, it will slip away and be gone. And so if you're interested in this I encourage you to visit in particular, and to learn more about the choices you can make to save our dark sky, because it belongs to everyone, the stars are yours, they are ours to experience or choose to lose."
Lucianne Walkowicz
The Zooniverse is home to the internet's largest, most popular and most successful citizen science projects. Our current projects are here but plenty more are on the way. If you're new to the Zooniverse, we suggest picking a project and diving in - the same account will get you into all of our projects, and you can keep track of what you've contributed by watching 'My Zooniverse'.

"scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, 
by amateur or nonprofessional scientists"

Planet Hunters "With your help, we are looking for planets around other stars"
Zooniverse "Real Science Online"
American Association of Variable Star Observers
GLOBE at Night
Lowell Amateur Research Initiative (LARI)

“So I’d like to just say that what the world needs now is a sense of being able to look at ourselves in this much larger condition now and a much larger sense of what Home is. Because our home is the universe, and we are the universe, essentially. We carry that in us. And to be able to see our context in this larger sense at all scaleshelps us all, I think, in understanding where we are and who we are in the universe.”
Carter Emmart