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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pioneer-City "Your Kind of Space" (Artist's Concept of Pre-Terraformed Mars)

An artist's concept of a near-term pre-terraformed Martian settlement, complete with a tv advertisement to attract pioneers from Earth (which has been shown during real-wrold Air New Zealand flights):

Monday, March 18, 2013

"at some point the Mars base breaks out and becomes an actual village"

(Copyright: Science Photo Library)
From an insightful BBC article "Building a New Society in Space":

" on the Starship Enterprise may appear almost utopian but the way the ship – indeed the whole Federation is run – is essentially hierarchical. Humanity’s mission to “boldly go” is being undertaken by a quasi-military dictatorship. For a series originally billed by its creator as “wagon train in space”, it is hardly land of the free."

"Is this really how we want to explore the cosmos and take our culture to the stars?"

"…they have renamed their mission control “mission support”, acknowledging that they are no longer completely in charge."

"Mars is the test for humanity,” Long says. “It’s the test of our character and, to me, that should be the next destination for the human species – to colonise Mars, to set up a small station and develop it gradually. If we can’t crack Mars, then forget everything else that we have ambitions for.”

“People will have children… and at some point the Mars base breaks out of becoming a base and becomes an actual village – a real society with real people living real lives, with children in schools and community orchestras. All kinds of things that a base commander might think are completely extraneous.”

"Zubrin sees this as a natural, and inevitable, progression from hierarchy to locally accountable democracy and draws parallels with the colonisation of North America. “First you had independence from the West India Company, then ultimately from the British Crown and that’s how life is,” he says. “I think a Mars base may well start out as a bureaucratically structured entity but when you have people living real lives, they’re going to be pushing against the boundaries of that. And if you want to leave the colony, the easiest thing would be to get together with some other people and found additional colonies on Mars.”

"…they will also no longer consider Earth as home. “The whole point is to create new branches of human civilisation,” Zubrin explains. “It’ll have its own dialect, its own literature, own jokes and sense of humour. It’s going to be different, a different culture, and I think that’s good.”

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