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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alternative/Additional Private Enterprise NewSpace Company Models and Affiliates

Before the stock market collapse Jeff Bezos frequently gave interviews about Blue Origin. While NewSpace companies were still unproven start-ups - before Space X became an admirable, profitable company - the general market suffered a significant decline, and Amazon's stock collapsed. Commentators tried to tie the decline of AMZN to "Bezos playing with his ridiculous rocket company." 

This may be the reason Blue Origin is now notoriously secretive, utterly publicity shy. There are other NewSpace companies which thrive on publicity now, even using such public exposure in their business models. We can replace the smiling face of Amazon seen throughout literature for Home - in fact, even part of our own logo - with an alternative "X" or "Eye". This could work, but, there are synergies with Amazon Studios, Amazon Prime, and the general hip, cool, smart, savvy, young, positive, upbeat and family fun brand of Amazon.

Home could reenforce Amazon's brand, reintroduce Blue Origin, and set a standard for Amazon Studios. Someone is going to write the history of Blue Origin - why not Amazon itself? Who better than Amazon Studios? With a vengeance! : ) Why not let Amazon Studios responsibly resurrect Blue Origin with the vision and respect and sense of public responsibility - the social compassion and humanitarian concern - demonstrated in both Amazon the brand and one of the most noble, empowering, wealth-creating, and ecologically responsible projects to face our generation? Making Home real.

Jeff Bezos: "Our most important piece of intellectual property is our brand name. Brands for companies are like reputations for people. And reputations are hard-earned and easily lost. So the most important intellectual property that a company can have - for us, it's Amazon - its that "name" but, what it stands for…we've worked to earn trust. You can't ask for trust, you just have to do it the hard way, one step at a time. You make a promise then fulfill the promise. You say, "We'll deliver this tomorrow - then we'll actually deliver it tomorrow." And if you do that over and over again, then you can instill your company's name, with a reputation. Sometimes people talk about brands in this very amorphous way, but, for me, I like to think of it as a person, and what kind of reputation that person has, and what have they done to earn that reputation."